9- Economy

It is now clear to many people that our economic thinking needs to change. Because what we have practiced in the last decades as an economic model, namely higher, faster and further, has led to the fact that earth and people have been massively exploited and have suffered greater damage. People from all over the world, especially the poorer regions of the world, are often forced by their living situation to sell their life energy, life time and health just to be able to secure their livelihood. The future of the economy must be heart-based and based on fairness, freedom, development of potential and voluntariness and guarantee every human being that he can live in harmony with himself and nature and earn his living doing so, no matter from which countries of this earth a person may come. 

Economy of the common good- #91

The common good economy is based on basic ethical principles of economic activity. The goal of a common good economy is not competition and the highest possible financial gain, but cooperation and the creation of the greatest possible common good. In the common good economy, democratic thinking is very much in the foreground. If you are interested in delving into this topic and bringing these basic ideas into the world, then get involved in projects that enable change in this area.

Swap instead of buy- #92

We live in a throwaway society in which many resources are used wastefully. Through bartering, things that are no longer needed can be gotten rid of on the one hand, and on the other hand they become the property of people who can make good use of them and in turn enjoy them. The barter thus saves money and resources. If you feel a resonance to this topic, then organize or initiate barter exchanges, where people can meet in a nice way and exchange at the same time.