5- Animal Wellfare


A close, friendly bond can develop between humans and animals. There are many reports that tell of wonderful friendships and also many people who work for the welfare of animals. Considering and against the background of factory farming, violence against animals and the increasing limitation of the habitat of animals, there is a need for many more people who stand up for the welfare of animals.  Initiate projects in which you stand up for the animals.


Expansion of grace farms- #51

Many animals experience a cruel existence; whether street animals, hunted animals or animals from facory farming. If you are an animal lover and you have the necessary space and love for animals, then initiate farms where you can create a happy new home for animals with a difficult past. Make sure that they no longer have to fear death and can learn that people are friends.

Reduction of meat consumption- #52

People's unbridled meat consumption is one of the main causes of current environmental problems and the unequal distribution of food on earth. Almost 70 % of grain cultivation worldwide is used to feed animals which then provide Western society with meat while millions of people in other parts of the world have to starve. Meat is decomposing after only a few days. However, cereals can be stored over a long period of time and could feed the whole of mankind. Set up projects, e.g. to raise awareness about the problem of meat consumption through lectures and inform people about possible alternatives.