Initiate a In Love With Mother Earth - Group!

We are looking for you!


We are looking for people in cities and towns all over the world who want to grow beyond themselves and have the courage, love and initiative to say "goodbye" to the old structures and build a healthy, peaceful and joyful world in balance together. We are committed to the creation of regional groups all over the world, both nationally and internationally, in which people come together in love, community and joy and work together in a creative and self-determined way for positive change on Earth. 


Start your own In Love With Mother Earth - group!


As a In Love With Mother Earth - group initiator, you open a space where people come together in regular meetings and grow into a team. As a group you initiate in accordance with your heart and depending on the areas of interest and creative ideas of the participants, regional projects that touch on the topics of Mother Earth in Harmony. But you also have the opportunity to develop your own and new ideas, which in turn can inspire In Love With Mother Earth. In addition you can use the opportunity, if it serves your projects, to connect and cooperate with already existing regional positive forces, in order to strengthen your power. 


Your group will work creatively and largely self-organized. Donations for regional projects are largely generated by the groups themselves for their causes. However, In Harmony with Nature e.V. can provide support through a donation pot. This will be built up gradually. To support the financing or partial financing of a project, write us a project application, which we will process as soon as possible.


Once a year we hold a In Love With Mother Earth - Congress and an In Love With Mother Earth - Festival, where national and international groups can meet and network. 


Could we spark your enthusiasm and would you like to become a founder of an In Love With Mother Earth - group yourself? Then apply to us. Introduce yourself in a creative letter: write about yourself, your motivation, visions and intentions and send your application by e-mail to:


After we have received your application, we will first invite you to a personal interview. In this meeting we will get to know each other and clarify your open questions. In the next step, you will be invited to our 4-hour introductory workshop, where we will introduce ourselves, get to know each other better and share important know-how so that you can successfully start your own In Love With Mother Earth- group. Afterwards, we will have another conversation in which we will reflect on each other and discuss whether we can imagine working together.  


After completion of this conversation and mutual acceptance, you will receive a certificate from us that authorizes you to work in the name of In Love With Mother Earth.  With commitment, as an In Love with Mother Earth group leader, you will automatically become a sustaining member and be listed so that people in your area can find you.