Heartly Welcome to In Love with Mother Earth


The earth is in the middle of a great transformation process. Old structures are being shaken up and no longer work. It's a shaking for awakening. The ages are changing. Even if it is not always easy: This process serves us to open our hearts, to awaken our spirit and to inspire us with new thoughts and impulses that are more in harmony with creation, the laws of nature and our soul. From the new consciousness, our actions will create harmony and bring forth only good for the good of humanity and the Earth. We are invited to understand this time as a great gift and to use the opportunity to become co-creators of this new world. Every soul who feels this call within, and is in resonance with this vision, is welcome to join In Love With Mother Earth. 


In Love With Mother Earth is a worldwide movement that inspires and connects people, initiates projects of the new time, creates awareness and connects with regional and global positive forces and visionaries to potentiate sustainable and positive forces and to accelerate change in the sense of the new world on earth. For this, In Love with Mother Earth has received the blessing of the spiritual world. 


The thematic areas of In Love with Mother Earth include: Holistic Organic Farming, Holistic Health, Regeneration of the Earth, Human and Potential Development, School for Happy Children, Animal Welfare, Conscious Living and Dying, Community Building, Common Good Economics, and Energetic Healing of Human and Earth.   

We believe that change must be initiated by the many "little citizens" who believe in goodness and bring it into the world. For, when many people do good things in many places, they can change the face of the world.


Everyone who is willing to truly get involved, to pitch in, to grow beyond themselves as well as to become part of a loving community is welcome to become part of this worldwide movement and to get involved or to support existing projects in accordance with their potential and their field of interest for a world in balance in the form of larger and smaller projects! There is a lot to do! 


We want to bring together the best ideas, create new ones with you, inspire you and encourage you to initiate smaller and larger world-changing projects, which you initiate in the place of your choice on your own responsibility and self-determination. Your ideas, your uniqueness and your creativity are in demand! Nobody has to be an expert to start with his engagement. But you are welcome to be or become one. You are connected to a wonderful community that strengthens and supports each other.


Let's create together a world of peace, harmony, love, freedom and joy! A world where all beings are happy!