In Harmony with Nature e.V.

The non-profit association "In Harmony with Nature e.V." was founded in 2021 to make the ancient knowledge and blessings of the Rishis (seers) visible for today's time, so that everyone can use them for their individual development path and transformation process


"Rishi" means "seer." "Siddha" translated means "perfection". They are souls who have realized the highest possible consciousness and work from the highest light-filled levels of nature to assist and help people and nature in the change of times and the associated transformation processes.


Currently a cycle is changing in nature. Humans and Earth are passing from an age of disharmony (Kaliyuga) to an age of harmony, where humans live in harmony with their divine self, nature and the laws of nature (Satyayuga). The new age will also be an age when the siddhas and rishis (seers) will again be present on earth to work for the highest good of humanity. Currently, they are ushering in the new age (Satyayuga) from very high levels of creation and preparing the earth and the individual and collective consciousness of humanity for the energetically high vibrational new age. 


The goal of the association is to support the social change on the one hand on an energetic level, but on the other hand also to inspire to change the actions towards the earth and the creation in a harmonious way. Both must go hand in hand. Because if our consciousness is peaceful and we live in harmony and harmony with ourselves and nature, then we intuitively follow the harmonious and positive impulses from within and create through our actions a world of beauty, peace, unconditional love and harmony. More information: