About In Love with Mother Earth


In 2016, Stephanie Bunk intuitively received the vision of "In Love with Mother Earth" to inspire people to connect in community and harmoniously align their actions towards nature. Initially, an association emerged in 2017, working primarily in the German region. A school initiative emerged from the time, which found itself through the 1st Congress of the Association and developed a holistic school concept (ANANDA) for the children of the new era.


After the association structure dissolved, Stephanie founded a new association, In Harmony With Nature e.V.. This incorporated an important aspect of her work, her work for the rishis dedicated to the energetic healing of the earth. She felt over time that she should not give up the vision of "In Love with Mother Earth" and knew that the two had to go hand in hand: the transformation of the disharmonious energies of the current time as well as a harmonically aligned consciousness from which harmonious actions for a new earth emerge in harmony with the heart.  Thus "In Love with Mother Earth" became an important heart project of In Harmony with Nature e.V..

Heart Team