4- Conscious living and dying

The transition of man into the subtle realms is a very important aspect of life, which most people are not aware of during their lifetime. The kind of consciousness that a person has developed during his lifetime determines the fields of experience after death. In ancient high cultures they knew about this and put a lot of importance on the accompaniment of the soul during transition. Unfortunately, today the death of a person is degraded to a superficial event. We have forgotten that the sooner we face the issue of mortality, the more consciously we will live this life.

Care after physical death- #41

In many ancient cultures, people knew that life does not stop after physical death. The soul continues its journey. For this reason, it was and still is natural, to accompany a person after physical death to the worlds beyond. They knew that there are many dangers a soul can encounter. Especially people who have not fulfilled any spiritual practice during their lifetime need support. If you feel a resonance to this topic, then initiate projects that will continue to help souls during the dying process.

Holistic Support- #42

A person's process of dying is a very individual, special and intense time in which he gets the chance to reflect on his life. If we have loving companions at our side during this time, we can clarify a lot internally and can let go consciously. So we prepare ourselves harmoniously for the coming departure from the earth. This has a positive effect on our experiences in the worlds beyond. Set up projects that promote a holistic and conscious support for the dying.

Conscious Life, Conscious Dying- #43

Some people still believe that it does not matter how they live and what they do, and that their actions do not have consequences. However, from nature's point of view, every thought, every action has an impact on what we create in our lives as well as on how we experience our afterlife. When we become aware of the laws of nature during our lifetime and become aware of the worlds beyond, we can use life consciously to create a happy and fulfilled future. Our mental attitude at the time of death also has an important impact on what we will experience in the future. Therefore it is of great importance to learn how to create the right awareness and support for us and our development. Get involved in projects where people can become more aware and create a more conscious and attentive life. Your good deeds will remain with you.