8- Community


When people come together and connect with each other in their common heart visions, the manifestation power of their energy and visions amplifies exponentially and becomes very powerful. It is as if more and more people are brought together and connected through an invisible resonance field to work together on projects and the realization of their shared visions and dreams for a better world.  Only those who really live their dreams live a lively life. And together we are stronger in doing so.

Heart Circles / Theme Circles- #81

In heart circles, people with similar themes and intentions come together to support, sustain and grow with each other in a loving way. Perhaps you have a topic area that is close to your heart and have the courage to open spaces where people can connect and come together around a topic and mature and grow together.

Congresses & Festivals- #82

Organizing congresses & festivals is great fun and a wonderful way to connect and bring together people who think and feel similarly. Organizing offers creative scope to bring ideas and visions into the world as well as to let new ones emerge. If you are an organizational talent and enjoy bringing larger projects to life, then organizing congresses & festivals may be a suitable way for you to work for a better world. 

Women's Circles- #83

In the new era into which humanity is now transitioning, the feminine and masculine energies will once again meet as harmoniously integrated qualities of consciousness in their own as well as in the collective consciousness on an equal footing. However, until we have fully completed this development, we need midwives, i.e. men and women who have already progressed on this path and can thus help other people on their way to reintegrate the original female and male qualities of consciousness in their own consciousness. 

Men's Circles- #84

Men and women are different in many aspects of their basic energy. Women recharge their energy in conscious community with women. Men in conscious communion with men. Only when the feminine and masculine energy, has been restored to its originality and power and has been consciously nourished in one's own consciousness, can women and men meet and dance with each other again in a healing way in the original play of energies. If you, as a woman, feel called to support women, or if you, as a man, feel called to support men, on their way into their original power, then bring women and men together in a circle and organize women's and men's circles.

Alternative living projects- #85

More and more people are longing for alternative forms of living and community. In the meantime, the most diverse forms of living and models have been developed. No matter whether it is e.g. Tiny House communities, housing communities, etc.. If you want to live your life in a mindful community and want to create new places of living, then initiate projects in which new places of living together are created.

Young & old together- #86

Children and young people are a source of liveliness and joy. Older people, in turn, a source of life experience and wisdom. In some original cultures, the elderly were respected as the wise and took over the education of their grandchildren in their old age. Today, many elderly people suffer from exclusion from society and loneliness. Their wonderful potentials and talents, which they have provided throughout their lives, seem to be no longer needed after retirement. Yet they would have much to share and give. Why not bring young and old together in creative projects? If this topic touches you and it resonates in your heart, maybe you would like to work in this field and create spaces where old and young people, needy or not, can come together and learn from each other and inspire each other?