7- Human potential realization

Many people do not live in harmony with their energy, potential and talents. One of the reasons for this is that we live in a society which looks at the human being with its shortcomings rather than in its positive totality. This runs through all organizational structures, regardless of whether it is a school, university or company. This means that man must put on a kind of mask and suppress his wholeness, which is what makes him different. It is the lived potentials of people that make life and the world incredibly colourful,  lovable and worth living. Get involved in projects that bring out the potential of people and help them live it.

Dragon Dreaming- #71

The Aboriginal people assume that their own life can only come alive if we have dreams and if we realize them. The implementation of these should be in harmony with ecology and one's own creativity and serve the good of all. The method Dragon Dreaming was developed by the Australian John Croft. It is based on this knowledge and wisdom of the Aborigines. Meanwhile, the method has spread worldwide and is used in many social and ecological change projects. Learn and apply this method and help spread it throughout the world. 

Evolutionary forms of organization- #72

Many organizations through which we have been influenced since childhood do not see and promote people as a whole. Thus he has to hold back a large part of his self and put on masks. This makes many people deeply dissatisfied and unhappy within themselves and sometimes leads to the situation that, according to a scientific study, 85% of all employees are not emotionally bound to their workplace and have already quit inwardly. This shows that the way many organizations exist today does not touch people in their originality and serve their well-being and joy of life. Work on building soulful forms of organization.  

Healing the female and male energy- #73

For many years our society was dominated by male qualities: Analysis, action, reason, intellect. The female qualities, such as compassion, emotion, being, mysticism, were feared and suppressed by the patriarchates of society. For the healing of the earth, however, a healthy, integrated balance of both qualities is required. Women who for years have been guided by the values of man and have competed with him are called upon to return to their own original femininity. Men are asked to integrate their female parts in a harmonious way. Engage yourself, for example, in the form of lectures or seminars, in order to gain consciousness of it , so that the sacred balance of male and female energy is strengthened. In this way, make a major contribution to the healing of the earth. 

Human Evolution- #74

Help people to grow into their highest potential and be a companion to a life of happiness, wisdom, abundance, self-responsibility, freedom and love. Offer people integrated spaces of experience in which they can develop and expand their personality and come into harmony with creation. 

SoulArt- #75

Art that comes from the soul touches the heart and soul of people. It brings energetic light, positivity and joy. Are you an artist and want to support other people on their way to their own creativity through painting and / or music? Then organize workshops, seminars, events that help others to discover their soul expression or to show and present themselves and their works. 

Soul Communication- #76

When we transcend the mental level, we get back in touch with our soul, our true nature, which is connected to all life and is ONE. It is love, inner peace, joy and harmony. The same ONE soul is inherent in every being, whether trees, plants, animals or entities on other planes of existence. If we manage to come into the state of consciousness of silence, we have the possibilities to get in contact with all beings of the universe again, to exchange and learn from each other. In the new age this kind of communication will be natural again. If you have skills in this area, share your knowledge e.g. through seminars, workshops, etc.