3- Holistic Health System

Today we live in a denaturalized and institutionalized society. Our health system is based on this in many ways. Conventional medicine is characterized by a pharmaceutical and mechanistic image of man. Man is treated in regard to his symptoms and disturbed mechanics, but the cause is often not eliminated. Nature is our natural healer. Health and disease are natural processes caused by imbalances. Illness occurs when man has left his state of equilibrium. Health occurs when man has returned to his original equilibrium. Western and Eastern medicine differ fundamentally in their understanding of what this means. In order to be able to serve man in a holistic way and for his own good, a synthesis and a rethinking of the practitioner, the treatment system and the patient is necessary in many respects.

Cultivation of medicinal plants- #31

The demand for medicinal plants has risen worldwide. An increasing number of people ask for herbs. Meanwhile the demand has exceeded the supply and the growing demand can only be complied with difficulty. Get involved in the cultivation of medicinal plants. Cooperate with farmers or cultivate farmland that is available to you.

The intuitive mature patient- #32

In this project, you enable people, e.g. through lectures or seminars, to learn to listen to oneself and to reactivate the contact with the intuitive inner healer, which naturally shows us the way to healing from within.

Healthy food in hospitals- #33

Man is what he eats. People who are sick need a healthy, nourishing and strengthening diet, which strengthens them energetically and promotes their healing processes. From an ayurvedic and yogic point of view, food provided in most hospitals is a disaster as it reduces the patient's energy level, unnecessarily strains the organism, and does not support the healing processes. It is possible to implement a healthy and energetically beneficial diet that promotes the healing process of the patient, with little financial effort. Get involved in projects that create awareness and initiate change in this context.

Medical care- #34

Set up projects that enable a synthesis of conventional and alternative medical care in urban and poor areas of the world. It is planned to create health care centers all over the world, where local people are given the possibility of holistic treatment. They also should get access to health care education, Yoga, Ayurveda, study of medicine or other healing methods. This is intended to ensure a comprehensive medical care with the best offers and an improve of education.

Natural Birth- #35

Women have forgotten to trust their own intuitive power. Today, more and more women are told that births in birth houses or even at home are dangerous. It turns out, that women who give birth at home, within the framework of their family, are much more relaxed, because they are not disturbed in their inner process during birth. Today, midwives receive less support, so that women are increasingly forced to give birth in hospitals where they often lose their self-determination. If you have knowledge in this field, then work for projects that develop new birth models. Models that work in harmony with the natural inner leadership of women and enable them to trust their own strength.

Independent counseling center for alternative and conventional methods of healing- #36

People who were taken ill have experienced shock and great uncertainty when confronted with diagnosis. They do not know which treatment method they should choose and what measures they should take to follow their own way of healing. Many people have the desire for gentle healing methods. Western medicine usually only presents the patient with a mechanistic and pharmacological view. To enable the affected person to obtain comprehensive information about the best existing services and also not losing much time for searching, he should receive a holistic overview at the counseling center about the best conventional and alternatively proven methods of healing. Thus he can make the decision for his treatment as promptly and independently as possible. The counseling center is also intended to help the patient to provide a cooperating professional treatment team, which is an interface between conventional and alternative medicine, naturopaths and healers, and takes into account the wishes of the patient. In addition, there will be a donation collection to offer the best treatment methods also possible for less well-off people. In this project, you build networks and are the link between the different healing methods.

Ayurveda- #37

Ayurveda, translated as the science of long life, is a healing science that has existed for more than 5000 years and works, acts and heals in accordance with the laws of nature. It helps people to return to their original harmony and in this way promotes human health on a physical, mental and spiritual level. If you feel connected to the subject of Ayurveda, help spread Ayurveda so that people can reconnect with their original nature and live a joyful life in harmony with themselves.