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Donations help us to make our work bigger and more powerful and to bring good into the world! Your donation helps us in two ways. On the one hand, we need donations to finance the costs that arise from running the association, such as tax advisors, websites, etc.. On the other hand, we need project-related donations to be able to advance individual projects. We are heartily grateful for any form of financial support!

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Project related donations

Project "People in Joy"

The project "People in Joy" is committed to providing direct assistance to children and adults, both at home and abroad, who are in emergency situations, relating to education, medical treatment and food. The project focuses mainly on individual destinies, but also collects donations for project goals, e.g. from cooperation partners. With the help of the heart power of the community, combined with fundraising activities, we build up a pot of donations and hand them over after thorough examination directly to people at home and abroad , to help them transform their emergency situation, so that they can live again in joy and more carefree or get opportunities for further development and potential development.


If you would like to support us, you can do so in the form of a sponsorship or a one-time donation under the purpose: Helping people in joy to make other people happy. Since "In Harmony with Nature e.V." is recognized as a non-profit organization, you will receive a tax deductible donation receipt in return. Up to a donation of 300,00 Euro your bank statement is sufficient as a simplified proof of donation. You are welcome to contact us if a person in your vicinity is in need.

Project "Shiva-Temple construction in Tamil Nadu"


This temple will be built in Vellor, Tamil Nadu in southern India. It will serve the energetic protection and balance of humanity and the earth and will be important in relation to the new age. With a monthly sponsorship you support the construction of this universal project. For more information, please visit: